Some Days Are Just Weird

We’ve been excavating for three weeks now (going into our fourth) and for the most part everything has been pretty charmed. We’ve had great finds for our site this season (a Roman coin, a glass bead, a belt buckle, decorated flooring, a grinding stone, etc.) but today was an off day. At first I thought I might be the only one feeling that way but multiple other people commented on how the day felt straight out of the twilight zone. Basic things, like setting up an instrument to take elevations, took us forever. No one could do anything correctly and all the leaders had differing opinions about the way things needed to get done.

Needless to say lunch was a welcome break. We were supposed to learn about flotation this afternoon but we ended up back at the apartments instead because people weren’t functioning well. The point is that things don’t always go according to plan and some days you just have to go with flow and know that the next day will be better.

I’m okay having these kinds of days every once in awhile but tomorrow i’m praying things go back to normal. Who knows, maybe my area will find a priceless artifact…

–Cara Polisini

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