My internship is better than your internship

God, I had to deal with so much CRAP today: free food, interesting people, beautiful views, nice breezes, tours of art galleries…. And that was just the morning 🙂

My internship is amazing. And I mean.. the best thing that’s ever happened to me professionally. Everyone is very nice, there are 16 interns in total, all from prestigious locales but from the same background basically. Everyone is in the arts (even though the internship is advertised to encompass all majors, including sciences and engineering), but I’m not surprised. Many are art history. One of the girls from Stanford is undeclared but is strongly leaning toward archaeology…. Very nice. She took a class with Ian Hodder apparently, and said they spent the (intro) class reading about him, and how weird it was to read about the incredibly geeky “boy trapped in a man’s body” guy standing in front of you in tons of texts talking about the incredibly important changes his philosophy has made to archaeology. We giggled a little bit about his personal life… But acknowledged his significant contribution to the field and the strength of the Stanford archaeology program.

Aerial view of the J. Paul Getty Center
Aerial view of the J. Paul Getty Center

Today was mostly meet and greet, getting to know the other interns, and getting to know the Getty campus. We did a “scavenger hunt” which was a packet of photos of buildings and features of the Getty where we had to run around finding everywhere… It was a pain in the neck, but I had comfy shoes on so it was okay in the end. You have to take a shuttle/tram to get to the museum from the parking area at the bottom of the hill, and as I was getting on the shuttle, all i could think was “I have ten weeks in the most beautiful museum in the world, working in the area that i wanted, that none of the other interns are working in, with experts who are knowledgeable and amicable.” We at lunch on a terrace overlooking the end of world, and out onto the ocean. there was a light breeze and the weather was perfect. SO beautiful.

tomorrow is more orienting. i get my getty email and stuff. wednesday things really start… my hours are from 8-5… long, but it will be okay.

~Sarah Butler


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