I’m Done?

Today is my last day on Menorca, it’s hard to believe that I have been here for 6 weeks and have already finished my first field school experience. This week we focused on finishing up the site, BU might move to a new site next year, so I spent a lot of time digging down […]

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Some Days Are Just Weird

We’ve been excavating for three weeks now (going into our fourth) and for the most part everything has been pretty charmed. We’ve had great finds for our site this season (a Roman coin, a glass bead, a belt buckle, decorated flooring, a grinding stone, etc.) but today was an off day. At first I thought […]

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Switching Spus

Excavating in a house means there are lots of different areas to keep track of so years ago the BU excavation team named each room (or special unit) a different number. I dig in special unit 8 aka Spu 8. As you can imagine people get very attached to the first Spu that they dig […]

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Weekends on Menorca

As much as I loved my first week of field school I was excited to see what weekends would be like. Turns out weekends are wonderful and another (totally non academic) reason to go to field school! Saturday our group went to a beach on the other side of the island and it was a […]

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