Glyphs and Games

Maya Archaeology student Fiona Cahill used her knowledge of Maya glyphs to create a puzzle for her classmates in “Games Studies Seminar: Physical Interactivity, Immersion and Play” (CTIN 464) The game was prompted with an email received by all students in the class which read: Attached to the email were three documents. The first document is […]

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Planting the Past: An Update

Since we last spoke with USC student Nikolas Nguyen he had just embarked on his summer “three sisters” project. Since early July, the plants in Nik’s garden are flourishing. This is due in part to the considerable rainfall that hit Pennsylvania this summer. Pictured below are the various plants—including squash, beans, and corn, of course—in […]

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Premodern life and the tough old days of dyeing, weaving and smelting

USC Dornsife offers an offbeat course giving Trojans hands-on experience in age-old skills — and no matches are allowed Original article written by Susan Bell and available via USC News Making fire isn’t as easy as you think. And neither is crafting ceramics, spinning wool, dyeing, weaving and copper smelting. Those were just some of the […]

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Planting the Past

Nikolas Nguyen, a second year student at USC, has embarked on a fascinating summer project that has allowed him to combine his interests in gardening and Mesoamerican archaeology. Nik is a Physics/Computer Science major and an Animation minor, but became interested in archaeology after taking ANTH140 – Mesoamerican Cosmovision with Dr. Kenneth Seligson and ANTH […]

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