The Flood

The first day. Saturday mornings on the USC campus are quiet and 8 AM on August 19th, 2017 is no exception. Classes have not begun; no home game; no events. Strangely, there is a flurry of activity in the Archaeology Lab building.  I can see water streaming from outside drains on the 1st, 2nd and […]

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Reflection 3

The last weeks of class consisted of the three most important things in life: shelter, food and entertainment. For shelter, we learned to make bricks out of nothing more than dirt, water and hay that would build our pre-cement home. Though the bricks consisted of only three elements, it was an exhausting job nonetheless. Our […]

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Reflection 4

 Learning about human survival was the second freshman seminar class that I took during my time at school. It combined practical hands on experiences that allowed for creativity and trial and error with informative segments of lecture that illuminated the ancient worlds of human survival. I thoroughly enjoyed many parts of the class, including making the […]

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Reflection #3

       In the last phase of the human survival seminar, we brewed beer, sake, made paint out of rocks and created different textures with eggs and oil, made mud bricks, and oil lamps. I never really thought about the “oil” in oil lamps and the more oil the more effective because it slowed […]

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Reflection 3

In the previous class of Human Survival- Learning from the Past, we put everything we learned together.  We checked out our brewed beer and as it turns out, we did quite well.  We then looked at our sake and stripped the top layer back and found the liquidy substance that was sake.  After taking the sculptures previously made […]

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