Back in LA LA Land

Well, this summer’s wonderful archaeological experience is now officially over. I arrived back in the States on the 26th, and while it’s nice to have hot water and deliciously awful food again, I really miss Turkey. This summer was long and full of hard work, but in the end we all learned so much about […]

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I’ll Miss You 33,32!

I am counting down my last days here at Tell Atchana and I have to admit that I will miss it here!  I only have 3 more days in my trench, but luckily we removed most of the in-situ pottery today so I will get to see it all before I leave!  In the past […]

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Language Barriers? Psha!

We are just beginning our second week of work here at Alalakh, and I have to say things are just getting more and more interesting! I mentioned in the previous post that each trench gets 5 or 6 workmen from the surrounding villages of Tayfur Sokmen and Atchana.  During the day they just chatter away […]

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Waiting in Istanbul

Hooray, my first post! So I arrived in Istanbul yesterday morning and have been here on my own since then.  Istanbul is the opposite of dull.  It is very loud, there are people everywhere, and the traffic is out of control.  Although I have spent very little time here, I managed to get in a […]

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