Surveying the Titicaca Basin

So the past three weeks I have been surveying the Lake Titicaca basin for pukaras (fortified hilltop sites), chulpas (funerary burial towers),  slab-cist tombs, ceramics, lithics, and other ancient artifacts. We divide ourselves into two groups of about five (about three Peruvian workers in each group). We spread ourelves out and scan our designated survey area for […]

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Project Commencing

Well my two weeks in Cuzco have basically been the most incredible two weeks abroad ever (and I´ve done my fair share of traveling). Some highlights: 1. Machu Picchu. Words nor photos cannot describe the beauty of this incredibly well-preserved site. The entire day I spent at Machu Picchu was perhaps one of the greatest days of my life. […]

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Exploring Cuzco

I´m not going to lie, I´m having the time of my life here in Cuzco. Yes, I haven´t started my archaeological work yet (early July-August 15th) but exploring the archaeological capital of South America and meeting AMAZING people along the way has truly been an incredible experience (and it has been only 4 days!!!!) June 19th 2009-Today […]

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Greetings from Cuzco, Peru!

June 18th, 2009 I have arrived in beautiful Cuzco, Peru! The first thing that struck me about Cuzco is its beautiful location-it is nestled high up in the gorgeous Andean mountains. Everywhere I turn, I see the tall, snow-capped cliffs peering down on me. The city itself is also very beautiful, displaying a mixture of Spanish […]

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Peru Adventure

Hello all! I’m leaving for Peru on Wednesday, June 17th! I have been never been so excited for a trip! I’m planning on touring Cuzco for about a week (seeing Machu Picchu!!!, the main plaza, the Inca museum, nearby sites, etc.) and then taking a tourist bus down to southern Peru which is where my […]

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