The Last Week

T-minus 4.5 days until I a.) finish with the Getty b.) have to start getting ready for school c.) have no summer left (classes start on the 24t). It might be too early to start reflecting on my experiences here, but I’ve really had an amazing time here. I have a bit of down time […]

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Got to Admit It’s Getty-ing Better…

Getty-ing better all the tiiiime! Pretty lame, I know, but daaaang my internship just gets better and better. Today, I had the privilege of attending an extremely rare small convention (~35) of conservators, curators, scientists and arts officials from four places: the Getty (Museum Conservation, Curation and Conservation Science sectors), the Kimbell Art Museum in […]

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A Plug.

Now, I would never delve into the affairs of my sister, but it’s a pretty big deal when you’re leading a discussion group at the World Archaeology Congress (WAC). This year, it’s in Ramallah, Palestine. Kristin (my sister and an archaeology program graduate) will be leaving next week for WAC along with Ashley Sands (who […]

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My unexpected half-day

Well, some excitement! Just as I was finishing up lunch with some other interns today, we all noticed a lot of tourists taking photos of not anything Getty related– meaning to the north to a hill with (usually) nothing but a very carved-out fire road.  Today, however, there was a HUGE plume of smoke rising […]

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The Public, pt. 2

So on the South Terrace of the Getty, there are a few sculptures that were donated along with the rest of the Fran and Ray Stark outdoor sculpture collection. One of them is of a boy sitting on a pony, Marino Marini’s Angel of the Citadel. When the sculpture was first cast, this particular one […]

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Please Do Not Touch the Sculpture

I think one really obvious thing you can learn to really question while working at a museum is the public. They really are quite maddening. To compensate, underneath the Getty, there is a whole underground tunnel system spanning 3 floors that are full of offices and can very nearly get you anywhere on the Getty […]

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