Rain Delay

I’m officially halfway through my field school experience and am currently sitting around waiting to see if the rain decides to let us work today. We’ve finally collected enough information to start forming some ideas about how this site was used in the past. The size of the structures in combination with the amount of […]

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Another New Site!!!

Super exciting news! A couple of days ago the 2 main guys in charge Samuel Connell and John Morris got lost while trying to find another route to Aguacate and ended up accidentally finding an entirely different/new site about 2 1/2 km away. As of yet all of us students have yet to see this […]

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Today was the first actual day of excavation and the group I was in made a 4×4 grid at the bottom of a mound approximately 30x20m and about 18m tall. We have found 1 or 2 looting pits around the site but we’re the first archaeologists to actually dig at the site so we don’t […]

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On Wednesday I took a guided tour through the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (more easily known as the ATM cave). It took about 30 minutes to hike to the mouth of the cave and we spent about 3 1/2 hours inside the cave. It was more interesting due to the fact that a river runs […]

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Almost there…

So there are less than 24 hours until I leave for Belize to finally start my summer program and I’m still desperately trying to get everything packed on time. Reading hunter blatherer over the summer has been pretty insightful and always interesting but I still feel pretty clueless about what to expect in Belize. Thankfully […]

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