Catching up on ARC doings

There comes a time in the life of every blog when neglected and/or abused by its distracted owner, it gets the obligatory “apology” post.  After tantrums, tears, and accusations of infidelity by both sides, the blog and blogger make up and reaffirm their friendship, and then the latter makes some outlandish promise like one post for every week!  This is not quite going to be one of those posts…the truth is, not too much has […]

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Alexander vs. Hannibal

We just had our end-of-the-year archaeology party, and, as usual, it was a giant nerd fest. We divided the students into two armies, led by Alexander the Great/Lame (Jenny, our social chair) and Hannibal Barca the Awesome (yours truly, the president). We then performed a series of challenges, mainly games of skill, to determine which […]

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