A significant loss

If you’ve seen the “dome” we use in USC’s Archaeology Research Center¬†when making the movable light images, you ¬†know something about John Melzian – ¬†he ¬†designed it. ¬†If you’ve seen the “tarantula” you know something about John too — he transformed it. And if you’ve heard of the adventures of the West Semitic Research Project […]

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Research Projects and Symposium Entries!

It occurred to me that readers of this blog (because we have such a cult following…) might enjoy seeing the undergraduate research projects that come out of the USC Interdisciplinary Archaeology major. We’ve been slaving away tirelessly, some of us for years, on some fantastic projects. Our final submissions to the Provost Undergraduate Research Symposium […]

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The STARC website! Yes, we finally have a website for the Society of Trojan Archaeologists. It’s still being modified, but here’s the link! STARC Check it out! ~Sarah Hawley

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USC ARC in the news!

So over the past week we seem to have become marginally famous! Not that we weren’t famous before, of course… The USC College website ran two articles this week about the ARC lab and the research being undertaken here. Check out the links below! Beaming with Joy: This article discusses the research being undertaken at […]

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A fellow ARC lab alum…

I officially graduated from the ARC Lab two and a half years ago (oh my gosh–it doesnt feel like that long ago!) But, I have been lucky enough to remain involved in the research, events, and friendships that I started while I was technically still a good ole USC student. One of the people I […]

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