ARC Lab: Fall 2012

It’s time for a new school year! Classes started this week, and we’re really excited about all the archaeology offerings this fall. Our newest professor, Maya expert Dr. Thomas Garrison, will be teaching two courses: ANTH-202: Introduction to Archaeology ANTH-202 is a great opportunity to learn about the theory, methods, and practice of archaeology. You […]

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Marhaba! That’s ‘hello’ in Arabic, also known as مرحبا (according to Google Translate) Ashley and I are once again in Amman, Jordan, after spending the last week in and around Ramallah in the West Bank. We were volunteering at the Birzeit University Archaeological Library organizing books and papers–it was alphabetization the likes of which this […]

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About being an archaeologist

With the USC Symposium quickly (how very quickly) approaching, this is a great time to look back at our archaeological beginnings and see what twisty, marvelous paths they’ve led us down. And perhaps, in the process, reach a satisfying conclusion as to why we have spent so many hours in the lab and on Microsoft […]

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Sarah follows Sarah.

Name: Sarah Butler Major: Archaeology, East Asian Area Studies Year: Junior 1.  What is your title at USC? I am an archaeology and East Asian Studies major, and the scholarship officer of the Society of Trojan Archaeologists. I am also a research associate in USC’s Archaeology Research Center. 2.  What is your area of expertise? […]

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Rolling Deep at Argonne

Insight of the day: a great percentage of being an archaeologist is actually being a hustler for grant money. I just had this thought right now, as I am in the process of surfacing from a near-death experience drowning in applications for scholarships, fellowships and study abroad admission. I am now in shoulder-height paperwork, but […]

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Before I was an East Asian Studies major on top of Archaeology, I was a Philosophy major. In an intro class I took, the main focus was ethics. We discussed ethics throughout the ages, and I was lucky that my professor had his Ph.D in comparative philosophy so we had the opportunity to discuss both […]

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