Reflection 4

 Learning about human survival was the second freshman seminar class that I took during my time at school. It combined practical hands on experiences that allowed for creativity and trial and error with informative segments of lecture that illuminated the ancient worlds of human survival. I thoroughly enjoyed many parts of the class, including making the oil lamps and box, seeing it come to shape, and seeing it breathing life into the room along with many others, learning about the process of fermentation, adding a sort of atomic-blackhole-ish thing with cave paint on the walls, making root beer, bread, sucking the alcohol through the tube to get the flow started and pouring uncarbonated alcohol everywhere.

It was a class that allowed me to be creative while at the same time imparting knowledge about ancient practices. Guest lecturers that told us about how beer was brewed in different parts of the world and how the process was limited to the culture and environment was especially interesting. For me, the class allowed me to see a consistent and strong link between the past and the race we are today as a steady stream of progress and innovation. 


Albert Ho

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