Reflection #3

       In the last phase of the human survival seminar, we brewed beer, sake, made paint out of rocks and created different textures with eggs and oil, made mud bricks, and oil lamps. I never really thought about the “oil” in oil lamps and the more oil the more effective because it slowed the speed at which the fire consumed the piece of string. We made basic lamps out clay, which had a similar shape to a canoe with one end wider than the other for the light to shine through. The middle was a pit in which the oil would be stored and then one would insert the string through one end and as it came out the other, it would be soaked by oil. It also got me thinking about the evolution in the structure of the lamp itself, where it started out as a shell with string and oil, then wax was discovered and behold the candle, which proceeded to the glass lamp, and today, electricity. Brewing beer was much simpler than I had made it out to be. We boiled water and mixed in wheat and hops to extract sugar, then added malt extract and yeast so that it could ingest the sugars and create alcohol, after which we let it sit for some time. We then siphoned the beer into a small keg, and poured some into pottery that we had made before. We began a process of carbonation for the beer, and would have to wait another week for the final product.

-Jerardo Perez

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