Reflection 3

In the previous class of Human Survival- Learning from the Past, we put everything we learned together.  We checked out our brewed beer and as it turns out, we did quite well.  We then looked at our sake and stripped the top layer back and found the liquidy substance that was sake.  After taking the sculptures previously made in a seminar a few weeks back, we went downstairs to where we met for our first seminar.  The groups broke up into painters and fire makers.  The painting group took the sculptures previously made and painted them with colors they had made.  The second group which I was in tried for 2 hours to make fire.  Finally, with about 2 minutes left, we were finally the only group (same with the first time) to make fire.  I never truly learned how hard it was to do such apparently simple tasks such as making fire or creating clothes. 

Patrick Brown

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