Reflection 3

In the last few weeks of the class, I felt like we really did a variety of things, ranging from painting, to house making. Definitely worth mentioning, were the mud bricks  It took us, a group of around 10 people, one hour or so to make some eight usable bricks. However, we calculated that a small house would take at least 3,000 blocks, so to think of how many days it would take us to make that many bricks seems impossible. However, we ned to remember that ancient civilisations depended on this work to survive. Shelter can bring an incredible amount of protection to a family in many different ways.

Also worth mentioning is the beer. It is crazy to think that such a scientific experiment was done in ancient times. With many places to go wrong, and filth to be accumulated in the beer, the ancient civilisations mastered the skill of beer making through trial and error. But if I had trouble tasting the beer, knowing it was safe to drink, how did they get the courage to try something that has mold (well, or yeast) inside of it? IT is also incredible to think that beer used to be medicinal back then. Now it is seen as something that is generally unhealthy, as it contains alcohol, back then it was a privilege to be able to have a sip of what we can see in any bar or pub today. Things have definitely changed majorly for beer.

Gabriel Rocha

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