Reflection 3

In this last third of class, we got to experience more food production and creation of the arts. We brewed beer, root beer, sake, and ate a lot of modern snacks (thanks archeology department!) and painted on the walls using paint made out of rock pigment, oil, and eggs.  We also got to light the oil lamps we made a while back.  I really enjoyed seeing the beer making process and surprisingly, our beer came out tasting pretty… normal!! I don’t like beer but I can say that it didn’t taste bad at all! The sake kind of grossed me out because it smelled so strong and was clumpy and looked really moldy.  It amazes me that people somehow discovered how to do this and even thought it had medicinal benefits! Crazy!

I missed the mudbrick making class, but I still got to work with other things that came out of the earth.. like rock paints! In the last day of class it was really awesome putting everything together by lighting fire again (like in our first class) and painting with pigments.  Overall, I am really glad that I took this freshman seminar and had a great experience.  I can’t believe how easy we have it!

Elizabeth Lee

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