Neolithic Meals

Our experience in the second phase of the Human Survival course culminated in the challenge to prepare a neolithic meal. Two tribes set out to best the other by any means possible. Grinding grain was a very tedious and slow process. Cutting the meat got to be really messy, especially since we had to use very small glass knives to to it. Smashing the squash was actually a really easy job for me though, since I had managed to find a large, heavy stone with a sort of edge to it that made it really easy to just smash away the squash. What turned out to be the more interesting part of the process was the stealing involved. Both teams became really competitive and crafty in this regard, and it was certainly a lot of fun.
It was an interesting experience in beginning to understand (to a certain degree) what older civilizations had to do just to survive. While we were preparing food and stealing for the fun of competition, ancients had to do what we did every single day, just to make it to the next. It’s been a very eye-opening experience.

-Justin Jiang

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