Reflection #2

In the last few weeks of class we continued our exploration of how life was in the early days of mankind.  One such exploration involved learning to work with pottery by hand. This task revealed to us the dexterity of the women of the past who could craft perfect jars with just their hands and some of the right kind of mud. Personally I would not have been a very successful potter I would probably have to stick to a different job around the village because even creating something as simple as a tray did not come easy for my apparently inept hands. Another class centered around making our own bread and then cooking the bread. This proved fairly straight forward until we reached the point of actually cooking the bread. Cooking the bread evenly throughout was more difficult than it initially appeared. Several of the first attempts my group had at cooking the bread led to either uncooked pieces or bread that was a little too toasty on one side and perfect on the opposite side. One of the more dangerous classes was flint knapping. Flint knapping is in caveman speech hitting glass or obsidian with a different kind of rock until the glass or obsidian is sharp. The danger in the activity stemmed from the fact that the glass we used could easily cut through skin if an individual was even slightly careless for one chip of the rock. However, it was very interesting to see how much work it used to take to just get a suitable knife back before there were grocery stores to go pick up a knife at. All of the activities we take for granted in a given day used to take people a significant amount of time to do by themselves. If we lived in ancient days of humanity, we would not be able to survive a day without creating something, whether it be making a spear to hunt, a pot to store something, or bread to eat. Nowadays the only thing people create in a day is dinner and some do not even create that much.

Eddie Krukowski

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