Reflection #2

Throughout weeks 5-9, we have not only made pottery and tools from clay and flint knapping, but we have also learned how to make food from scratch, such as bread and cheese. While I have taken a pottery class before, we used more artificial clay then what we used in this class. I think the job of making pots and other materials out of clay would have been a fun one back then. It is not a very tedious process, but rather more artistic since people used to paint on intricate designs and symbols that represented their cultures. Personally I would have hated to make tools from flint knapping, since it is a somewhat dangerous process. I got several cuts on my hands from the small shards of glass that broke off. This process is also unpredictable; it is almost impossible to get each tool the exact way you want it since you do not have that much control over which flakes fall off and from where. On the contrary, I did enjoy making bread and cheese since it was straightforward in that if you follow the directions, you should achieve your desired results. I’m sure back then if one were to gather every ingredient it would take much longer, but since our materials were readily available to us, it basically felt like cooking. The highlight was when we got to taste our finished products at the end; our bread and cheese turned out great! Last but not least, my favorite activity was the day we had to prepare food: grind grain, cut up squash, and skin meat off of the bone. I mostly worked in the grain department, since I’m not really a meat person and I wasn’t too keen on touching the bloody meat with my bare hands (so I made the boys do that). Little did I know, grinding grain was an extremely aggravating process. First of all, it took such a long time for me to figure out how to smash up the grains before I could begin rolling them with a rock. Additionally, I had difficulty containing the grain in one spot; every time I hit it, it would go all over the place. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this activity since it brought on the element of competition and mimicked what real life scenarios would have been like back then. 


Rachel Latterich

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