Second Reflection

What I was most interested in for the past couple of weeks was flintknapping. Honestly, performing it was not so much fun- I still have little cuts from it! But it just reminded me of how no matter how technologically unimpressive things may seem, such as a knife, we are still so incredibly advanced compared out or ancestors. I would have thought that knifes existed, or that they made some sort of tool for cutting, but really would have never thought that they cut most things with glass! Cutting that carcass with the piece of glass was very interesting and I remember Meagan asking me “On a scale of 1 to caveman, how caveman do you feel right now?” Because that is exactly how I felt! Because we think knives are something so standard nowadays when really in the past it was not. So when we are put in a situation like that, we really feel like caveman!

Something else that sparked thought to me was when we did the “squash, grain, and meat challenge” with the two “tribes.” What I believed was the most interesting thing about this exercise was not the task themselves, but the competitiveness. If we are going back to times where there was no such thing as violence, I thought, so was this desire to steal other things for your won good the root of our modern day violence? This could be far-fetched, but we saw how competitive we got over chocolate… Imagine how competitive they could get when their life is in risk!


Gabriel Rocha

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