When I first heard that we were going to be making a Neolithic meal I was excited. I felt that I would be prepared considering the fact that I cook often at home, but I quickly realized that this would be unlike any food preparation experience that I have ever had.  Once we were placed in our teams and given our food items, I quickly decided that I wanted to stray as far away as possible from the meat and chose, what I thought would be, the easier item and picked the butternut squash.  I immediately regretted my choice. I had extreme difficulty in getting it open, partially because of the tools I was given, a rock and a glass shard, and partially because I was not dressed for the occasion. With guidance from Professor Dodd I managed to get the butternut squash open by smashing it with a rock, in doing so I also managed to scratch my boot. This became my concern and preoccupied my mind for some time, I then realized that had I been concerned my priorities been the same during Neolithic times, I would have been dead. After I refocused on my meal I had gotten so into it that I managed to cut up my squash quite nicely, but not before cutting myself. This meal showed me that creating a meal during Neolithic times was far more difficult that the processes that we go through today in order to prepare a meal. Through this experience I have become more grateful for the food I consume on a daily basis, but even more for the technology that I have.


Marina Rizk

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