What we can learn from a Neolithic Meal

While taking part in the Neolithic meal exercise, the question came up of stealing from other teams. I considered myself too nice to steal from others, even if it is just an exercise. I have always attributed this to the idea that I was “brought up right.” This would imply that the neolithic, untamed version of myself would more readily steal or even kill someone. However, my professor encouraged me to dwell on this further. Is this really the case? Am I really at heart more peaceful than someone living in neolithic times? Or is it simply that I don’t have to steal, and I have a government protecting my property? If it came to life or death would I steal? It is easy to judge someone for stealing when you are not hungry or in a life or death situation. However, I still maintain that I would be less inclined to steal than others. If I were starving and someone else had plenty I might try to take food from them without them noticing. However, if I had enough, I don’t ever see myself taking from someone else through force. I do realize that this means I probably wouldn’t last very long in a neolithic society, yet I don’t have to worry about this because I don’t live in a neolithic society. I do have a profound respect for how wild and dangerous the world can be in its natural state.

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