Neolithic TImes

It must have been very interesting living in the Neolithic Times.

Our ancestors, despite sharing the same physique and form that we have today, had very different lives. For example, while us living in the first world do not have to fight or compete for food, those living in the Neolithic Time often did. Today we fight for different things, such as land or money or resources. It was much harder processing food and therefore skills and tools are very valued. For example, I sincerely enjoyed the process of making bread from flour, and such an accessible food source much have been much more enjoyable for our ancestors before.

Also, we have to keep in mind that while we are trying to model the experience of human survival, it was much harder realistically. They had no stoves or pots and pans, but instead they had to start fire from food with their own hands. Thus what was a simple process for us is much more difficult for them, but despite that, the new processes of making bread still became a viable method for food. 

I enjoyed trying different combinations of bread. Patrick from Spongebob Shaped bread, large pieces of bread, small ones, burnt ones, and ones drenched in pepper jelly. All of them were delicious, as I was hungry. I also enjoyed filming the process, and active flipping the bread and participating in all processes of making the food that ultimately sustains all of us.

Albert Ho

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