Survival of the Biggest – Alex Williams

During an exercise involving only sharpened obsidian and rocks to grind grain and slice pork and gourd, I realized the real name of the game is procreation. Out of the three groups, ours had one extra person which gave us tremendous advantage. We completed all tasks assigned to us because if one area became slow there was an extra person to help pick up the slack. Furthermore, there were three people to remain at base camp doing food preparation while one person could sneak off to steal. I proved this method to be very beneficial when I stole gourd from group two. The goal of our group was to use our larger population to finish all tasks quickly, then steal as much as possible, or just destroy the other teams food so that they would become dependent on our group for food. By using a system of dependence our population grows because more people means more labor which means more resources. This exercise, I think taught my group how enticing growing a large empire can be. 

Other skills and knowledge gained from the food preparation exercise is how to create very finely ground flour out of grain. First put all of the grain together, then very firmly press a large, flat rock on the pile and continue spreading it out while maintaining pressure. Once this is done begin going over the grain in circles while maintaining a lot of pressure onto the rock and thus the grain. The circle motion helps the grain grinder relieve boredom, as does talking with fellow grinders. Every so often, remember to bring all of the grain back together and start the process all over again. Once, the coarse grain has turned into a fine powder then one large leaf and carefully scrape the powder onto another large leaf and place it with all of the other now successfully made flour. Another helpful tool for making pieces of gourd is really just smashing it with a rock. Really, smashing things with a rock proved useful in general for this exercise.  

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