Making a Neolithic Meal, Sandy George

As I slice bite size chunks of pork roast from the bone, using a piece of obsidian held with a piece of leather, I contemplate what it must have been like to have lived ten thousand years ago. The first apparent thing is that this is dangerous work; the obsidian shard is very sharp and does not have a handle. I keep telling myself: “slice away from my body, not towards it”.  I imagine a deep cut would require a visit to a shaman or witch doctor; no emergency rooms in Neolithic times. Not having had to spend the time to hunt, kill or dress my newly acquired raw meat, I am amazed by the fact it has taken me an hour to separate the meat from the bone and slice it into pieces. My team mates have spent the time grinding flour and preparing a squash to accompany the meat for our noontime meal. One enterprising individual even managed to steal some more squash from another camp, while we have defended our piles of food with no losses. The meat is very slippery, but as time has passed the meat has dried on my hands and I have a better grip now; the smell of fresh pork blocks out any other smells. In my own kitchen I would have washed my hands several times by now. We live in a time so different from our ancestors of the Neolithic age. I imagine that if we were transported back ten thousand years, many of us would starve to death before we could adapt to the hard work it took to prepare a simple meal.

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