Freshman Seminar Reflection – Bradley Coon

Throughout the first 4 weeks of this class, I have learned how much harder it was for people, who lived thousands of years ago, to do the simplest things in life.  With the inventions of better technology and tools, we have easily been able to do things like light a fire or provide clothes for our families and ourselves.  The first class was an introduction to the course, and we played games that primitive people might have played when they didn’t have all the activities like we do in this day in age.  In the second class meeting, we were required to do one of the things that most people take for granted today: making fire.  Instead of simply pulling out a lighter and having fire, we used sticks and other simple materials.  In our next class, we were taught how to spin wool.  Using a spindle and wool, we were able to see for ourselves how people needed to first spin and prepare the wool before anything.  After spinning the wool, we were taught how people colored their wool.  Using all natural materials to make the dyes, we dyed our wool and were also given a chance to weave wool on the loom.  In the most recent class, we made pots, sculptures, and oil lamps out of clay.  After learning about all of the techniques for these processes of the past, it gives me a real appreciation for the technology and ease of living in this era.  While all of the techniques were very interesting and fun to learn, they would just be too inefficient and time-consuming in today’s day in age. 

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