Reflection 1

The last few classes of the Human Survival FSEM has been incredibly eventful.  My favorite part of it so far was the second class (first hands-on one) where we split into groups of 4 and made fire.  My group was able to make it and truly understood how difficult it really is to make a spark.  After that, we learned to appreciate simple things like clothing when it came time to make thread out of wool.  This relaxing task turned out to be more mesmerizing than expected and had me spinning thread without even realizing it.  The week after we went over to the dying section and learned about all the different ingredients.  Although some of it did smell, it was interesting to learn about how to make the different colours and what was really put into them.  I really appreciated our last class period where we made clay pots, figurines, and other various things.  Pottery is something that almost every ancient society has shared and it was incredibly interesting to be a part of that.


Patrick Brown

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