First Experiences of Freshman Seminar

The first three weeks of freshman seminar have been a great experience. This class is such a unique course. I am glad that I have the opportunity to take it! Learning to do simple tasks in the “primitive” way has made me appreciate modern technology as well as appreciate historical societies. Fire-making really jumpstarted the whole process of appreciating historical communities. It was definitely much harder than expected! I thought that we would have our fire started within 5 minutes, however it proved to take much longer. In fact, we have yet to make a fire! The second activity in freshman seminar was wool spinning. This was also very interesting and my underestimation of the difficulty of the task paralleled that of fire-making. The string kept breaking and the coordination of spinning while pulling proved to be very difficult. I really enjoyed today’s activity working with clay. I haven’t molded anything with clay since middle school, so it was a lot of fun! It is also exciting to build the utensils that we will be using to toast grain and brew beer. I am excited to create a product completely from scratch!

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