The First Few Weeks

So far, this class has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Learning to make a fire with only friction was something that I had wanted to do for the better half of my life. After many trials and fantastic effort from each member of my group, we were finally able to start a fire. It was definitely the most fulfilling experience I’ve had in this class so far. The following week, we learned to spin yarn with a drop spindle and the week after we learned to dye fabrics. Having a mother who absolutely loves knitting, I was particularly interested in learning what it takes to create the yarn that my mother uses every day. For our most recent session, we worked with clay, and I had a blast making an oil lamp, tray, and what sort of resembles a character from a cartoon I like to watch. I can definitely say that I have acquired a few skills over these past few weeks and look forward to learning so much more.

On top of learning all these new skills, I have found that the various discussions we’ve had in the class have given me a few new perspectives. I’ve grown to appreciate the intricacies of spinning and weaving, and more so the various peoples that have weaved to make a living. Even today we discussed the significance of pottery in archaeology, and it’s presence being an indication of potentially finding much more, even if it’s broken or if there are only small fragments around. It’s fascinating to really get a grasp of how people survived in the past, and it gives us an interesting perspective on how we can live our lives today.


-Justin Jiang

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