Reflection weeks 1-4

These first couple of weeks have really changed the way I look at our ancestors. I was talking to one of the spinning experts, and she said something I won’t forget: “People think people in the past were not as intelligent as we are nowadays, but in reality, look at what they did!” She pointed to the 5 feet tall loom that stood beside us and it really made me think “how in the world did they ever think of that?” Nowadays we have a little machine that sews for us and does many jobs, but what they had was far more complicated. It may look simpler because it is literally just pieces of wood and yarn, but the patterns create a much more intricate set of movements to attain the ultimate goal: to produce something.

They did not have textbooks teaching them how to do create things. Somebody must have thought of it in the first place, and that is the most amazing thing. How did the first people in the world know “That is safe to eat?” These past couple of weeks have just made me realize how easy we have it today. We are taught everything, people do things for us, we live in a materialistic society, thanks to these ancestors that were the first to even come up with any “material.” I may know more facts about the world than they ever did, but their intelligence and skillfulness is even more admirable because they came up with it on their own; and everything they did was productive in their own way. To the people in the past- I am impressed.


Gabe Rocha

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