Reflection on weeks 1-4

In these first weeks of Human Survival, I have learned many things about how life must have been like thousands of years ago.  Thinking about the grueling process of spinning thread to make any sort of clothing or cloth for everyday use seems like it would have taken eternity.  The dying process probably took many hundreds of years to perfect and find the right mixture of natural dyes in the resources early humans had available to them.  We take so many of these objects for granted.  In modern day, no one has even a moment to consider where their clothes come from or how any of their food was prepared.  We have machines to do most of our work for us and electricity waiting to be used at the touch of a button or flip of a switch.

It is hard to even comprehend how early humans were able to survive on the raw resources they had available to them.  Every fire needed to keep warm or cook food required so much effort.  Although many of the tasks we try to simulate seem so easy and mindless, it must have taken a lot  of innovation and creativity to think one day, “Oh, I am going to gather this hard mud in the river and mold it into a bowl! Then I’ll burn it to set it and it will become ceramic!” It is simply incredible what people thousands of years ago were able to survive off of. 


Elizabeth Lee

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One thought on “Reflection on weeks 1-4

  1. The first three weeks of freshman seminar have been a great experience. This class is such a unique course. I am glad that I have the opportunity to take it! Learning to do simple tasks in the “primitive” way has made me appreciate modern technology as well as appreciate historical societies. Fire-making really jumpstarted the whole process of appreciating historical communities. It was definitely much harder than expected! I thought that we would have our fire started within 5 minutes, however it proved to take much longer. In fact, we have yet to make a fire! The second activity in freshman seminar was wool spinning. This was also very interesting and my underestimation of the difficulty of the task paralleled that of fire-making. The string kept breaking and the coordination of spinning while pulling proved to be very difficult. I really enjoyed today’s activity working with clay. I haven’t molded anything with clay since middle school, so it was a lot of fun! It is also exciting to build the utensils that we will be using to toast grain and brew beer. I am excited to create a product completely from scratch!
    -Meagan Wang

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