Reflection #1

I’ve enjoyed the first weeks of this course, mostly surprised either by the difficulty or the time-consuming factor of the activity. Where in today’s world it would have taken me about ten minutes to get a couple of items of clothing, it would have taken me about ten times as much only to produce the thread necessary to make an item or two of clothing. The problem is that this would have taken all day; or rather it was an all day job. Though it wouldn’t have been difficult, it was too simple to not become boring. Then there’s the fire making, which I did not think would be that difficult at first. But when we actually attempted to make fire, we could barely manage to whip up some smoke, not to mention the embers that were supposed to go into the nest. The hand drill seemed like the easiest method… turned out to be the hardest one. Pottery was not any kinder to me. Slowly but surely I was able to make the required items but others fared better and were able to make projects of their own. Though humanity may have managed to find ways to increase production value and decrease time as well as energy use, it would not do so well without technology. Suffice to say, I wouldn’t do so well myself. But people have groups, so maybe I could contribute by gathering berries if I were to fail at hunting.

Jerardo Perez

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