reflection 1

Already 4 sessions of this class and as a group we have experienced plenty of new concepts. The ability of primitive mankind to survive so long ago without the many comforts of our time astounds me; especially when we attempted to construct something as basic as fire. Warmth is hardly an issue for most of us, so we give little importance to the magic that is fire. Fire helps to cook, stay warm, provides light, among other utilities of flames. In our attempt at creating fire using more antiquated methods; we struggled with a bow and some tinder to create some warmth. My particular group eventually succeeded with the task, not without several fruitless attempts and some tired muscles. It was definitely all the more gratifying experience creating fire through a little strenuous work versus lighting a fire with a match. Once again, it reveals perspective on some of the difficulties that humankind dealt with in our early years. Another interesting class, we learned how to spin on a spindle using wool. Once again it was revealed how I am not anywhere near as dexterous an individual as I would like to think. Thank goodness I succeeded in lighting a fire because I lacked the ability to spin enough to protect me in the cold winters. The most recent class also fascinated me as it was based on dying materials and also a few techniques on how to create clothes out of our hand spun yarn. Dying the different colors was interesting because of the variety of sources from which the colors originated from. For instance, onion skins created a yellowish color. So far the class has presented ideas plenty of food for thought concerning how different the world has become since these early days, especially for Americans. Also, in the future, we will be making cheese which sounds entertaining and hopefully delicious.

-Eddie Krukowski

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