Reflection 1

The last few classes of the Human Survival FSEM has been incredibly eventful.  My favorite part of it so far was the second class (first hands-on one) where we split into groups of 4 and made fire.  My group was able to make it and truly understood how difficult it really is to make a […]

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Reflection on weeks 1-4

In these first weeks of Human Survival, I have learned many things about how life must have been like thousands of years ago.  Thinking about the grueling process of spinning thread to make any sort of clothing or cloth for everyday use seems like it would have taken eternity.  The dying process probably took many […]

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Reflection #1

I’ve enjoyed the first weeks of this course, mostly surprised either by the difficulty or the time-consuming factor of the activity. Where in today’s world it would have taken me about ten minutes to get a couple of items of clothing, it would have taken me about ten times as much only to produce the […]

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The First Few Weeks

So far, this class has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Learning to make a fire with only friction was something that I had wanted to do for the better half of my life. After many trials and fantastic effort from each member of my group, we were finally able to […]

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