Spinning Wool and Reflection

When I walked into class that day, a peculiar smell hit me.  I eventually realized that it was wool, and some of it had not been processed or wash yet.  Regardless, as the class progressed, I learned a lot that day.  Firstly, getting wool from the fluffy  mess that we usually know it to a thin piece of yarn was a challenge.  It really was a matter of trial and error for me because I could not quite catch on in the beginning.  Eventually, the very nice ladies taught me how to use my drop spindle and i began to get the hang of it.  It really wasn’t so hard once I learned how to do it and I found myself spinning yard for the rest of the class.  

It was also very interesting listening to the professionals talk about the different types of materials for spinning and giving us a historical breakdown of how spinning came to be.  As I think about it, it really is amazing how people back in the day were able to make their own clothes.  We really take it for granted today with factories and everything, but they really worked hard in those times.  

This freshman seminar was truly an amazing experience.  I am very glad I signed up for it as I was so excited to come to class each Tuesday and almost as eager to return to my dorm to tell my friends what I just did.  From making fire to drinking beer, Learning From Human Survival was an amazing First Year Seminar.  Thank you to everyone who was involved, it was a great semester!


– Alex Brauser

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