A Semester Well Spent

As the culmination of our many weeks of Seminarring, we all finally had the opportunity to sample the beer we had worked so hard (or more accurately, had waited so long) to see through to fruition. I was skeptical of the legality of serving beer to a bunch of first-years-so-probably-freshmen-so-almost-assuredly-minors, but then I figured it’s home-made so it doesn’t count. It’s not like a bunch of tyro brewsters could possibly produce any kind of real alcohol.Really, I’m quite pleased with what we managed to make. Weirdly-moldy jars and all, we all pulled through on the brewing front to produce some really respectable ale. If we combined cheese, bread, and beer day all together, we could produce a respectable paleolithic feast.

This class has been great simply because we all had the chance to try so many terrifically different things. One real highlight of mine in this course was the opportunity send my family one reallly baffling picture every Tuesday afternoon. It became a real fixture of our regular interaction. What’s Austin up to this week? Really, I owe this class a considerable debt of gratitude for simply being such a great converastion piece. We’ve all encountered well-meaning old people and estranged acquantances for whom “so, how’re classes?” is the most compelling conversation piece available. I reply with an explanation of this class about every time. Without it I would have been left with some feckless response about “oh, stuff with a buncha numbers. y’know…” That ought to be a category we can rate classes in: conversation-piece-ability.

At the class’s grand culmination, we each had the opportunity to leave our mark upon the wall, and I think I can say with confidence- at risk of waxing nostalgic- that this class has left an indelibly positive mark on my Fall 2012 USC semester.

I’ll see you all come smelting day.

-Austin WelshImage


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