Spinning through the past; The End Has No End – Sarah Wood

As I was talking to Matt this morning at the glorious EVK, I realized how much I loved this class. When I look back on my freshman year, this is the class I will remember. I discovered new interests that I never knew existed – mainly, I have a new love for spinning. It was interesting to think about people in the past spinning using these drop spindles, but then hearing about how people today do the same thing and take their spinning with them on the bus and at school just as their ancestors did. This day gave me one of the biggest connections of us with our ancestors. After seeing all the ancient spindle wheels and hearing about how the Egyptians spun such fine thread that our best machines cannot even compare, I could really envision the people of the past – spinning in groups with their friends, constructing beautiful looms, relating wealth in the day with the fabric you wore or spun, and more. I’m so glad I learned to spin and learned the history of it because it makes spinning so much more interesting. I may even get my own drop spindle and wool and join a spinning club so I can knit with my own yarn.  This class has been one of the most influential and impacting classes I have ever taken, and I really feel like I’ve made solid friendships and connections. I got to meet people I would have never seen otherwise and take a class in a department I have never even considered exploring. The handprints we made with the paint we created from the pigment we crushed was one of the coolest things I have ever done in a class (aside from making my own beer, of course). The prints we made on that wall will remain in my life forever. I cannot imagine first semester of my freshman year with any other group of people, professor, or class! Thank you for everything, Prof. Dodd!

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