Final Reflection

So this is the final blog of what has been an amazing semester.  Looking back, I am astonished by all that we have accomplished and the breadth of tasks we completed.  This last couple months have certainly been inspiring, interesting, and definitely one of the most unique experiences I have had.  This last section of the course seemed to primarily revolve around the brewing process.  It was interesting to learn how the chemical process works and how simple it is to create a beverage that is consumed all over the world.  Beer certainly has a long history.  It has been around for thousands of years, and actually was left un-carbonated for the majority of its existence.  On the last day of class getting to finally taste the fruits of our efforts and getting to name the brew after our professor was certainly a highlight of the semester.  I will not forget some of the bonds I made with people in my class, and will certainly remember Human Survival as one of the highlights of my freshman year.  I highly recommend the course to anyone and everyone, and am extremely grateful to have been a part of its first year of existence.

– Matt Woo

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