I now understand why old ladies enjoy spending their free time knitting. Though i never would have imagined it, spinning wool into yarn was pretty exhilarating, and i can only imagine how exciting knitting would be! Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but spinning was still much more interesting than I had imagined. I was surprised at how such a delicate-feeling material such as wool could be strung into something as strong as yarn. I also never really knew how wool and cotton were strung into yarn. We started with giant clumps of wool and a wooden tool that looked like a massive spinning top. The three wonderful ladies helped teach us how to spin basic yarn, but they made it seem effortless, when it reality, it was quite difficult. After a while of somewhat failure and a heap of half-strung yarn, I was starting to get the hang of it. We were told that we were truly experts at it when we could spin and walk at the same time, and I felt so proud when i took around ten steps before unwinding my yarn. The only part of the lesson I did not quite enjoy was listening to all the various types of spindles, sheep, and fibers. Not to be rude, but the various types of primitive Peruvian sheep don’t really interest me. Though it was pretty nice to feel the different types of materials, such as cashmere. I don’t think I will become a compulsive knitter in the future, however it was nice to learn how to do it, and it could potentially be a useful skill in the future.


-Jeffery Zhang