For the third part of this semester, the Human Survival Class has focused on making home-made beer. This whole process has taken up quite a long time because there are so many components in this beer-making process. For example, not just are we making beer, but we are also experimenting with it, tasting it, and even doing some parts of the process in the science lab. First off, we had to make the beer. In order to do this, we made a sort of “teabag” of grain, some roasted, some not roasted, and put it into a mesh which we put into water to produce beer. Then, after it was ready, we put it into different jars and experimented with it to see, taste, and smell the difference a closed jar and an opened jar would make as well as if the jar was burnished or unburnished. We also carbonated the beer by adding CO2 to the solution. Our class also went to the biological labs in order to cultivate the different results of beer on agar plates. In this part of the process, we took a sample of the different beers and put it on agar plates using fixed pipettes. Then we used spreaders and a miniature turning table to evenly spread the liquid across the agar. This whole beer-making process was very interesting because I never thought that I would have the opportunity to do such a thing in my entire life, but now I can say that I actually made beer. This whole class has been a great experience in that it really did teach me some things that I could use in human survival. Overall, it has been just a good, enjoyable class that I would recommend to everyone.


Stephen Kim

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