Beer Brewing

When I found out that we would be brewing beer in our freshman seminar, I was obviously quite doubtful. I mean, this is college so I didn’t really know what rules we had to abide by, but I definitely wasn’t going to question it. The fact that USC was even allowing this made me love […]

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Mud Pies

I returned to my kindergarten days when we made mud bricks in our freshman seminar at the beginning of the semester- I was always one of those kids that liked playing in the grass and dirt, building ‘houses’ for ladybugs and things like that. When we were initially given our materials, I was a little […]

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Bread & Butter

I love bread- I could try gourmet breads, butters, spreads, and cheeses for weeks and be content. Carbohydrates are my weakness; that’s why when I heard we were baking fresh bread in our freshman seminar course, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was surprised to find that we were essentially making pan-fried bread; the funny […]

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Making Fire With Sticks

As this was the first task we were given in the First Year Seminar, I was very eager to become successful.  As we split into groups outside under the hot sun, I told myself that I would be making fire that day.  Initially, rubbing the stick was not too bad.  As time wore on though, […]

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Spinning Wool and Reflection

When I walked into class that day, a peculiar smell hit me.  I eventually realized that it was wool, and some of it had not been processed or wash yet.  Regardless, as the class progressed, I learned a lot that day.  Firstly, getting wool from the fluffy  mess that we usually know it to a […]

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