Reflection 2

Well, a second 5 weeks has already blazed by which means 5 more exciting weeks of Fsem180.. and my second reflection is due. This second trimester of classes, if you will, proved to be as exciting and adventurous as the first. I can now say without reservations that I have made cheese before. Quite tasty cheese as that! Furthermore, while I had made bread before, I had never done it quite like I did in class.  What was an easy task for me back home using my bread machine, required constant monitoring and attention in the classroom. Not to mention required me getting my hands dirty, or sticky as the case may be. In other words, over the last few weeks, I have learned how to do something completely new and I have also learned how to do something I had done previously using modern methods with technology closer to what was available in the past. And that is what FSem180 is all about. I though it pertinent to point out that each week as I impress myself with what I am able to accomplish I become more and more impressed by the talents and abilities of my classmates around me. Each week we are presented a challenge and it seems each week at least one person knocks it out of the park, going far beyond what is necessary. Well, except for getting that pesky fire to start with two sticks. 

Beren Chandler

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