Reflection 2

This last week in class we made functioning oil lamps from the clay molds we created ourselves a few weeks back in the course.  I was skeptical at first at whether we would actually be able to create functioning sources of light, but set to work on my wick anyway.  I made a wick from 6 lengths of string, doubled up and then braided together, and was at first a bit concerned, as my wick came out to be very thick.  I decided to use it anyway, though, and let it soak in the oil for what a I deemed to be an appropriate amount of time.  I lit it, and was surprised not only at the fact that it worked, but by just how efficient it really was.  It only took a few ounces of oil to successfully coat the bottom of my lamp with a suitable depth, and it burned very brightly, with minimal smoke, without making much of a dent at all in my oil reserves.  The wick also lasted very nicely, transferring the oil to be burned without actually burning away itself.  Ultimately, I was very impressed overall with this method of creating light for oneself, and could definitely see it as a viable way to help myself see without the use of a flashlight on future camping trips.

-Wolfgang Paulson

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