Oil Lamps

Light was essential in the ancient world. Light meant the difference between life and certain death. After the creation of a system to posses light for an extended period of time, human devolopment rapidly increased. Suddenly the working hours were extended past sunset. This was our class attempted to recreate in class last Tuesday.

We used the fired clay oil lamps we had created the class prior as a base for our oil lamps. I have to admit, mine was a little dis shapen. Neverthless, I accepted my work for what it was and moved onto the next step, which was providing, a little fuel for the fire. The fuel used for the flame was a generic vegetable oil. In order to make the wick, three strings were braided together, with some assistance of course. Now the three components had to come together to create something astonishing: a functioning oil lamp, capable of providing enough light to read an olden clay tablet to. the wick was place in the oil for a few minutes so as to soak up sufficient oil. And finally the lamp was lit! needless to say it was a glorious sight.

Minus a few over-exuberant pyros, the class went exceptionally well.


Steve Anderson

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