I never thought about people what people in ancient times would do at night. When I’m camping and forget a flashlight, I know I usually go to bed by 9 because it’s so dark. If anyone in ancient times wanted to be productive after the sun went down, some type of personal light must be made. Hence the oil lamp. I had never even really known exactly what an oil lamp was, so it was interesting to learn about in the first place. When making the lamps, we were told to use olive oil sparingly because it would be very expensive. This is also something I didn’t think about, and it is interesting that something we take for granted, such as olive oil, was probably a prized resource.  It was cool to see how simple the oil lamps were, yet it was such a crucial part of people’s lives. The other thing I really enjoyed about the oil lamp day was making the paint and painting our ceramics. I didn’t realize paint could be made with a little oil or even egg and some pigment. In fact, I never even thought about how paint was made. It was cool to see the transformation of the dry pigment with a dot of oil to make paint that seemed just like paint from a bottle we would get today. It was also interesting that different people were using the same pigments but the paint would turn out different shades of a color. 

Overall, making the turning basic clay into oil lamps, lighting the lamps, and painting them answered many of my questions about the ancient world that I never even knew I had.