This time around, I think I enjoyed making bread the most.  Bread is my favorite food, but I’d never made it from scratch before.  I didn’t realize just how easy it is.  Two cups flour, teaspoon of salt, one cup of warm water: mix, knead, cook upon upended wok.  I will definitely be using this skill in my everyday life from now on.  It seems perhaps ironic that fresh bread, a staple of human civilization, is a bit of a luxury in modern times.  Fresh flatbread didn’t take long to make, especially compared to the time it would take me to travel to a bakery and buy the equivalent.


Another enjoyable treat we made was mozzarella cheese.  That was also much simpler than I might have imagined, and the result was delicious.  I was the one in my group who did the stretching of the cheese, and it was very fun.  It felt odd but delightful in my grip.  This skill will also be incorporated into my life, because fresh mozzarella is too delicious and simple to be a one time event.  I will enjoy showing my friends and family how to make bread and cheese, and I look forward to being able to add a home brew to the tasty ensemble.


~Sam Cadwell