A few weeks ago, our Human Survival activity was the Neolithic Food Preparation. However, this activity was actually a competition in which the team with the most processed food won. Each team was given a huge chunk of lamb, a pumpkin (or two), and two bags of grain. In order to process and prepare these foods, we had to use the resources around us and a sharp piece of obsidian to get the food ready just like the people of the olden days did. At the same time, we couldn’t only focus on preparing the food; we had to protect our food supply from the other groups as well and send out some members of our team to steal supplies as well. I think the part I enjoyed the most was using the obsidian knife to cut the lamb meat from the bone. And the part that was the hardest was grinding the grain into powder. Our team had some difficulty in this task and so we sent out one of our members in order to steal some and she actually came back with a whole handful. Overall I enjoyed this experience and was able to feel, even just a tiny bit, how hard it was for people to process food back then. They had no stainless steel knives or complex grinding tools. They had to use the natural resources around them to sustain them. “Going back in time” really helped me to just be grateful for the things we have now.

Stephen Kim

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