I. LOVE. Bread.

Just getting that out there. So when I found out that we were making bread, I was really excited at first. But when we got to class and learned how we were doing it, I was kind of skeptical. How was this going to work? Would it even taste good? Well, these questions didn’t matter because we had to make bread anyways, so I pushed my thoughts aside and got started.

We mixed the dough with our hands and it was incredibly sticky. This posed a number of problems. First of all, I couldn’t get it off my hands. So when we got around to kneading the dough (and rotated through our group members), we, sadly, lost some of it to our hands.

When we got around to actually frying the bread, Storm did the flipping and I timed it. Our first one or two pieces were very ugly and didn’t look appetizing at all. However, once we tried all of them, they were actually pretty good! We even tried salting some, and though we thought that it would be too salty, it actually turned out to be better than the unsalted (in my opinion, anyways).

I think it was Sam, but she came really prepared with a little box of peppers and stuff–I’m not sure what exactly it was–and it was so yummy. Surprisingly, though, the best topping was actually an old jar of jam that Professor Dodd gave us. I was amazed at how delicious it was with the bread we made, and even more amazed when I found out it was in the refrigerator with the lid partially open for like a year! (it tasted good and I didn’t feel sick or anything afterwards, so let’s just forget about the fact that it’s kinda gross to think about).

Anyways, the bread was much better than I thought it would be and I’m pretty sure it’s easy enough for me to do something like that at home. It’s so easy to just go to the store and buy a loaf of bread, but this was so much more interesting. It reminded me a lot of the way they make authentic Navajo fry bread, so perhaps I’ll give that a try as well.

-Jane Kim