John’s Reflection #2

Working with experimental archaeology has been a real eye-opening experience. When you see oil lamps in the movies, they’re simply pleasing prop pieces. However, building them in real life takes an unbelievable amount of trial and error to shape the lamp and form the wick, let alone cultivate the plants to provide the oil. When you make […]

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Leticia’s Reflection #2

The activities that we have completed in this second session include lighting oil lamps, making bread and beer mash, carrying out Neolithic food preparation and creating paint for rock art; all these undertakings were very much enjoyable. For the oil lamps, our class made wicks by taking three long pieces of cotton thread and braiding […]

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This time around, I think I enjoyed making bread the most.  Bread is my favorite food, but I’d never made it from scratch before.  I didn’t realize just how easy it is.  Two cups flour, teaspoon of salt, one cup of warm water: mix, knead, cook upon upended wok.  I will definitely be using this […]

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Neolithic Food Smack-Down

During the Neolithic Food Preparation, creating and obtaining the most calories was the goal of the day.  I never realized how much work people in ancient times had to put into their meals since they did not have the convenience of microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, etc.  The class was split up into many groups and each […]

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Oil Lamps

Light was essential in the ancient world. Light meant the difference between life and certain death. After the creation of a system to posses light for an extended period of time, human devolopment rapidly increased. Suddenly the working hours were extended past sunset. This was our class attempted to recreate in class last Tuesday. We […]

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