Making Cheese

Making cheese was an eye opening experience. I never quite understood what really went into cheese. It’s amazing how concentrated of a food source cheese! I can imagine how valuable a food source like this would be in ancient times. Not only is cheese a super condensed form of nutrition but, if prepared correctly, can be stored for years. While sitting down at the end of class snacking on the delicious mozzarella we made earlier, I found myself wondering how did the first person to make cheese figure it out. How would somebody know to mix citric acid in milk? It’s a complex process and the ingenuity required to finish successfully is astonishing.

To be honest, in the beginning I wasn’t confident that our group would end up with a viable product. So when we did, I was pleasantly surprised and quite proud. I certainly appreciate cheese in general now a bit more, but I am also more aware that I am consuming a gallon of condensed milk with every portion. I can only picture the cream on top of the pasteurized milk slowly spilling out and splashing into the bowl. It was interesting how every group’s result products were unique. Either by having texture or a different shape they were all different. This just confirms the notion that cheese making is an art form, and one that I now respect much more

Based on the class description I didn’t know what to expect from “Human Survival: Learning from the Past”, but it has become hands down my favorite class so far. I am excited to see what other endeavors we attempt.

– Steve Anderson


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